Life - Enhancing Skills Seminars  


What Our Clients have to Say

"In response to a serious near miss incident that could have been tragic, we followed up from previous SOFT training with Pausation and Risk Assessment.

 The SOFT approach has been included in our day to day safety message and had proved to be a simple but powerful message that everyone could remember, relate to and follow.   This Pausation and Risk Assessment session, hit the mark completely. It reiterates and expands on the ‘stop, take 5’ message with examples, explanations and techniques that improve safety and an awareness on site of the need to respond/react to ones senses. 

 Instigating behavioural change, with ‘think – pause – do’, combined with the ‘speak up and shift your mind set’ message this course would benefit all in the construction industry.

 This is more than a safety message – it is personal development and life enhancing skills for everyone who attends.”    Lyn Clough: Director CDS NZ Limited