Life - Enhancing Skills Seminars  


Our SOFt™ Seminars


SOFt™ means
Safe Outcomes Focused Thinking


 SOFt™ Seminars are a ‘download’ of the collective wisdom of the Safety BrainsTrust subject matter experts (SMEs) - all Thought Leaders in their fields.

Our seminars presents the 'best-of' that we can share
to enable truly transformational changes
 based on the experience and insights we have gained over the years.


SOFt™ Seminars teach core non-technical (or soft) skills to support
on-cue risk management through the practice of pausation,
leading to sound decision-making
effective communication
and the capacity for 
resiliently dealing with change.

Our seminars form a suite of
complementary life skills
that together lead to
wiser decision-making and better outcomes


The skills we teach lead to
critical thinking and considered evaluation
of both on-going or contemplated actions.

This enables a constructive mindset
one open to see the world differently
and consequently changes in attitude and behaviour
ultimately results in
better outcomes for the Greater Good of society.


All our seminars are grounded in reliable and contemporary science;
so the course content will develop in tandem with
the evolution of science. 


Attendance of a seminar results in SOFt™ Certification with endorsement of any additional seminars subsequently attended.