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Auckland: Next Course 

Module 1: Safety in Context

12th July 2019 *

Module 2: Resilient & Optimistic Thinking

19th July 2019 *

Module 3: Effective Communication

26th July 2019 *

Module 4Cognitive Safety

2nd August 2019 *

Module 5Applied Safety

9th August 2019 *

*  Dates subject to minimum course numbers being met.

Course Fees 

Single Module Fee

$425 incl GST

Five Module Fee (paid upfront)

$1800 incl GST

Multiple Participant Fee

Contact us for Fee

For the months of July and August 2019  we are offering
  a launch discount of 20%
the single module fee.  

Please use the promo' code  LAUNCH  in your correspondence with us. 

What is SOFt™ About ?

Our SOFt™ Programme is a first-of-kind and world-class modular proactive behavioural safety initiative that uses soft skills to create awareness, impart knowledge and
teach real-world skills to thrive in our rapidly changing environment.


The skills make real impactful difference though valuable insights
and changes of attitudes stimulated at core value level.


SOFt™  is, in essence, a transformational thinking programme
that is grounded in reliable science: as such the course
content will develop as science evolves.


The modules are staggered; with a minimum of a week between each
 so that learning can sink in and skills acquired
can be applied to the real world.


Within each module we teach our proprietary SOFt™ Technique – a powerful
yet profoundly simple disruptive thinking tool, that, when applied
has the potential to both prevent harm and save lives.


 To obtain  SOFt™ Certification all 5 modules must be completed within 6 months.

Who Should Attend the SOFt™ Programme ? 

 Anyone who:

 §  Is rampantly curious about the world; 

§  Wants to do their bit for the Greater Good; 

§  Who is open to different ways of seeing our world; 

§  Wants to obtain valuable life-changing and life-saving skills 

§  Wants safe outcomes at home, on the road, at work and at play.


The SOFt™ Programme is aimed at a broad audience to encourage diversity of input  and rapid assimilation of new knowledge and skills into the workplace and society
in order to achieve large scale shifting of mindset for the Greater Good.



The impact of attending the course will be immediate to participant and employer
as the SOFt™ Programme is based on core values and on 
seeing the world in a different way.



The enormous benefit of application of pro-active safety knowledge and skills cannot be underestimated – with the cost of performing a task unsafely up to 36 times that of doing so safely; so prevention is infinitely preferable than having to ‘cure’.


The SOFt™ Programme is a ‘download’ of the collective wisdom of
Greg Matten and fellow collaborators: Jamie Ford and Jake Sachs
and presents the best we can give based on the experience
and insights 
we have gained over the years.

What's in it For Me

The process of under-going transformational change gifts the following:

 Deeper Sense of Connectedness to Society 

Safe Outcomes both at Work and Play

Long-term Gains in Performance

Enhanced Teamwork

Resilient Mindset

A Better Way