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Our Subject Matter Experts  




Greg Matten

SME: Cognitive & Applied Safety

Greg is a Thought Leader in initiatives that use safety as the means to make our world a better place for all; a voice for enduring, meaningful transformational change for the Greater Good, and an enabler by sharing ways that change the way we look at things - so we think and behave in a deliberate and considered manner. 

He is a member of:

The International Society of Air Safety Investigators.

The New Zealand Institute of Safety Management

The Presencing Institute

Greg is a Certified mBIT Coach and wholeheartedly believes that accessing and integrating all our centres of intelligence guides us into accessing our true creativity, heartfelt compassion and the deep courage needed to uplift through, the actions of every individual, society as a whole for the greater good.

His core competency is the ability to quickly comprehend complex information and see the ‘forest for the trees’ and then translate complexity into simplicity.   He has strengths in deductive and critical reasoning, analysis and technical report and document writing.  Greg's skills lend themselves to in-depth safety investigations,  the design and evaluation of safety systems and data analysis focused on the identification of patterns, trends and emerging threats. 

Greg's achievements include:

  • Aircraft accident investigation and loss-adjustment on behalf of aviation insurance companies including all aviation work in Africa for the Catlin Syndicate of Lloyds of London.
  • Advisor to Sefofane Air Charters resulting in their accreditation as an aviation service provider to the United Nations World Food Programme. 
  • Co-creator of the SMAART aviation risk profiling tool.
  • Programme Manager & Lead Auditor for the relaunched AIRCARE ™ Accreditation Programme.
  • Project leader ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems, resulting in NZ Aerial Mapping being awarded ISO 9001: 2008 Certification. 
  • Jetconnect Lead: Safety Management System (SMS) evaluation by Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand (CAANZ) resulting in Jetconnect being the first international passenger turbojet aircraft operator in New Zealand to have their  SMS certified by CAANZ. 
  • Runner up in 2018/19 Jilly Murphy Memorial Scholarship for Aviation Safety.
  • Creator of the SOFt™ Technique.


Jake Sachs

SME: Human Factors 

Jake’s core competency is the ability to develop and present information in a way that is targeted and purposeful to an organisation and its employees.  He has strengths in guiding personnel in an inclusive and motivational way, thereby allowing teams to succeed and achieve by using their inherent strengths. Jake also has experience in developing trainers to better develop and present material to trainees.

These skills lend themselves to the development of professionals, course structures and materials that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a training system by incorporating the key principles of human factors and communication across teams - ultimately resulting in safe task outcomes.

Jake believes well-trained and empowered employees are the cornerstone that an efficient and safe organisation should be built on.

Jake's achievements include: 

  • Air Transport Pilots Licence and Airline Captain
  • Category B Flight Instructor rating with night, aerobatics and multi engine endorsements.
  • Managing a team of over 30 training personnel whilst holding the role of Flight Crew Training Manager. 
  • Presenter at the internationally recognised Human Factor/Crew Resource Management forum PACDEFF in 2014 and 2016.
  • Project leader for the ‘clean slate’ redesign of the initial intake training programme for a major airline. 


Jamie Ford
SME: Resilient Thinking 

Jamie Ford is a valued and highly experienced Subject Matter Expert
in the field of resilient thinking.

Recognised for his expertise in both assessing resilience and in developing resilient mindsets, Jamie knows full well how much persistence and perseverance is required on the part of safety practitioners to stick doggedly to the business of assessing safety risks, training staff in safe work practice, monitoring work practice, and supporting safety committees in the vital role they perform in ensuring safe outcomes on-site is the norm.  One example is NZ Refining where Jamie facilitated a resilience learning workshop for the site safety committee so that they were well equipped with this essential mindset.

Included amongst the many enterprises that have engaged him to work on the resilience of their people are:

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet of the Australian Government, The Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Union, Partners Life, the Far North District Council, and Westland Milk.

Having spent hands-on time on the tools in motor engineering, Jamie  has a high level of awareness of “safety” at the personal level.  This is coupled with experience of management responsibilities for safety on-site in the Dairy and Pulp and Paper Industries as well as in Transport on the Auckland Waterfront.

Jamie leads the widely acclaimed Learning Resilience and Optimism  short course at the Business School of the University of Auckland.

He is a member of the International and NZ Positive Psychology Associations and has a genuine and committed interest in how psychology can contribute to mental toughness, resilience, and to an optimistic quality of life.