Delivering Safety for Life     ♥ Kia Kaha, New Zealand 


Our Cores Services

 Proactive Behavioural Safety 

 Engaging with people on the following matters
 that directly affect safe outcomes:

  Transformational Safe Outcomes Focused Thinking

Effective Communication

Interruptive Thinking

Resilient Thinking

Public Speaking Engagements 

Talking about achieving safe outcomes: 

Panel Discussion Participation

On-site Health & Safety Talks

Motivational Talks

Guest Speaking



Additional  Services 

 Safety Sense Check

Independent assessment and advice to company Board of Directors
on areas of vulnerability to focus on
to improve performance. 



 Independent Safety Investigations
Deep-dive, free-from-bias safety investigations with a focus on human factors and the delivery of improvement through learning as an outcome.

Peer review of safety investigations on behalf of interested parties and stakeholders, with a focus on human factors.


 Brainstorming Safety Solutions

 Facilitation of brainstorming to discover sensible solutions 
for complex or sensitive safety-related issues.

Use of E.T.H.O.S* to get the most effective and meaningful value-add safety solutions.   

Independent Safety System Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the
Health and Safety Management System used by an organisation, 
in particular relating to  the human element.  

 Independent Data Analysis

 Interpretation of safety indicators that are embedded within the data that your existing systems have so it:

 Filters out ‘noise’ allowing you to direct your time to dealing with the issues that are critical to safety and success. Highlights emerging threats so targeted preventative efforts can be initiated.
Makes sense and allows you to see the ‘forest for the trees’.
Aligns Safety Performance Indicators with E.T.H.O.S.