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 We Live in times of rapid change, information overload
ever increasing stress.

There is thus greater potential than ever before for human factors
to lead to unsafe outcomes.

We believe the key to safe outcomes is to disrupt reactive thinking.  

"Safety is the outcome of a deliberate and considered way
of thinking and acting." 
Greg Matten 


If Safe Outcomes
are critical to you at home, on the road, at work and at play
we can help you

** The SOFt™ Programme  ** 
our revolutionary proactive behavioural safety initiative

Unsafe outcomes damage your bottom line, reputation, brand
and the goodwill 
that you have worked so hard to create.

In fact, an unsafe outcome can cost an organization
up to 36 times more than performing a task safely.

Unsafe outcomes often arise through failure to holistically consider
the human factor during design, communication and
performance of safety critical tasks.


The effect of unsafe work practices, unsound behaviors &  unintended destructive organisational cultures are significant financial, social and moral costs
that impact on both the organisation & individuals
involved for a considerable period of time.


Our insights in the fields of safe thinking methods, communication & resilience
create opportunities for the delivery of meaningful human factors
interventions that will
allow an organisation
to thrive and grow in a safe space.