Delivering Safety for Life     ♥ Kia Kaha, New Zealand 


About Us


We are a collaboration of  Subject Matter Experts and Thoughts Leaders in our respective fields of safety who recognize and believe that understanding and then influencing the behaviour of people is key to the success of any initiatives related to the delivery of safe outcomes. 


To make New Zealand the safest country in the world to both work and play in and become a model that other nations adopt.  

To help safe outcomes become a natural consequence of the behaviour of people; thereby fulfilling our  social, moral and legal obligations.  


To use Safety to shift society from a mindset of being self-serving to serving others and thereby help create a better world for all. 


Core Values and Principles

  • We engage with organisations that have genuine intention and commitment  to the well-being of their staff and clients.
  • We believe that it is the underlying company culture, determined by the Chief Executive, that sets the tone for the level of safety of operations and influences the behaviour of its employees.
  • We seek to add meaningful value to the community through the provision of our service.
  •  We advocate simplicity and the practicing of core values.
  •  We intend to deliver our services on-time and at a fair cost. 
  •  We believe in kindness, consideration and respect to mankind and  the environment.


The Safety BrainsTrust is proud to support the the  SPCA by making donations from income generated providing our services to the community.